Workshops at Apifera Farm

2021 Workshops....Depends on the pandemic. Stay tuned.

Past Workshops:

"Emerging Crones" Doll making & wisdom

Class is scheduled for the following dates: pick date at time of payment:

  • Saturday, July 15, 2017
  • Saturday, July 22, 2017
  • Custom Class for minimum of 3 people  can be scheduled
  • August-September: to be determined [feel free to inquire if these months are desirable to you]
9 a.m. - 3 p.m. with time until 4 p.m. to browse the farm if desired
Limited to 6 people.

A full day of intuitive doll making-raggedy style-where we will explore our inner story through hand sewing dolls, share story as we commune and acknowledge the power and wisdom of being emerging crones as well as learn from our senior crones. We will also have the animals of Apifera amongst us-breaking the ice-Animals teach us patience, and can open us up to so many internal stories.

Are you in a transition in your life? Are you entering your fifties, sixties, or older and feeling restless, stagnant, scared, optimistic, pessimistic? Are you seeking internal acknowledgement of who you really are in an older skin? Do you look in the mirror as you age and wonder who that is-or maybe you are unable to accept the signs of aging in your body and are mad, sad or lost confidence? These are just some of things this workshop can open up answers to, or at least begin paths to understand our power as we age, and acceptance of an older body but a very strong will and heart.

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Exploring our Inner Language
Full day of painting {with the healing of  farm & animal}

Stay tuned for future dates in 2017 
Contact me if you have at least four people and you want to arrange a workshop date.

Visit the main blog to read about a past painting workshop. 

  • $325 / per person - includes all materials, water and lunch.
  • Rain or shine
  • This is an adult only workshop
  • All levels. This workshop is suited for non-painters, and non artists
  • See refund policy below
  • Please read 'Terms' and 'FAQ's' below before paying
  • By paying you agree with the terms
  • See suggested accomodations/travel times


This workshop combines a full day of painting, with the healing qualities of animals.

The workshop will begin with a brief session amongst the donkeys, in silence. This session will last about 20 minutes and is meant to quiet the chatter of the mind, and ground the participants onto the farm. We will then move into one of the barns for the morning painting session.

The afternoon painting session will be followed by more visiting with The Misfits-the many special needs animals of Apifera. You can expect to leave around five.

Timeline of the Day

Arrival: 9 a.m. sharp, introductions

Silent Communing with the Donkeys [15 minutes]

Morning Painting Session with Instruction: 2+ hours

Lite Snack Lunch 30 minutes

Visits with Opie the therapy goat and more

Afternoon Painting Session with Instruction: 3 hours


Departure: about 4-5 p.m.

Painting Session - morning
For me, painting is the opposite of spiritual abandonnment. I will help you explore your specific inner language-that abstract world inside you that doesn't speak in alphabet but in shapes and colors, feelings and sensations. That language is the gatekeeper to your truths, fears and stories. Sharing our stories in paint and art is a gift to the world-it is the purest we can be when we paint.

We begin with a couple of intuitive exercises, in which I prompt you with beginning scribbles-we seek shapes that appeal to us, enhancing with color. We move onto working on pine board {I will have prepped the board for each student}. Our first attempts are really to lighten the thinking mind and to let the subconscious begin to show up for each of us {kind o like seeing shapes in clouds!}.

We will begin the session in a very abstract way-not only to loosen up physically, but to let go of expectations. Students will be using their hands as well as brushes and the goal will also be to shut out internal critics. There will be no 'shoulds'.

This session will be in the barn loft workshop, with a variety of Apifera's creatures below you. While you are here to paint, the animals might visit and we'll remain open to them. Some of you might have favorite animals here that might be reflected in your evolving paintings.

Painting Session - afternoon
We will be using the same piece of wood and painting you did in the morning. One of the reasons for this is that abstract work can bring out wonderful layers and elements you might not have thought of or planned, and they can help prompt images in a piece.

I will also share basic techniques I use in my work that might help you-using varnish for layers, washes, combining pastel over acrylic and more.

In this session, we will open up to images or thoughts that are coming into our hearts - I call this "the flow" and when you are in it, you're really open to muses and other messages from that internal world.  I want you to paint like you would have as a five year old. We will not be afraid to put something down because of the chatter in our heads, 'But I can't draw'. Some of you will be more advanced and technically skilled-that is okay, but all levels can come to this class and work through their inner stories.

The piece you work on will help you begin to paint like an explorer. We will be talking as we go, sharing what we are doing-depending on the class size [I am now going to keep the classes small and intimate] we will be working at one big table. I will be encourage you as we go- what shapes and symbols might express loss, fear, hope, desire, love, or what ever is in your internal world. Perhaps you can think of it as a memoir in a painting, or an abstract self portrait that evolves as you go along in the session. The symbols are really your own metaphors.

The work you do will be abstract but might evolve into more illustrative or story like pieces. Nobody will be forced to paint figuratively, or one way or another. Each class and group seems to have their own personality so if the need to share more figurative or illustrative stories comes out, we will encourage that.

At the end of the day, some of you will have a piece you considered finished. Others might want to continue working on yours at home. We all work at different paces.

So no matter what you are going through in your life that prompted you to come-I want you feel supported and hopeful when you leave. And covered in donkey hugs and old goat kisses.

Rules While at the Workshop and Farm
  • No smoking anywhere
  • No gum chewing but whistling and singing are fine
  • Nominate, child or friend can tag along while you take workshop-no exceptions
  • Wear comfortable attire, shoes might get a bit dusty
  • Do not wear open toed shoes for safety
  • Bring a sweater and layers if needed 
  • I will ask you to turn cell phones off 
  • There will be time to take some pics
  • You are here to experience the animals, farm and painting
  • PLEASE arrive on time!

  • Your total payment includes a $50 non-refundable fee
  • No refunds after [a date is set for each workshop]. No exceptions.
  • If paying by check, please email me so I know it is coming-you will not have a reserved space until the check arrives
  • All classes are copyright Katherine Dunn. You retain the copyright on any art you make.
  • By paying here, you acknowledge these terms, and the rules of farm 
  • In the case of acts of God, war, disaster or unforeseen circumstances, only Apifera Farm reserves the right to cancel the workshop with a full refund 

Once you've paid
  • I will acknowledge your payment.
  • You will then receive an informational email and  a reminder email closer to the workshop date. Feel free to email me with questions before you pay.


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