Online:Gestural Animals

This is a self motivated, online workshop.

Gestural drawing is a wonderful way to begin a drawing or painting project. It strips you down to an essential element - that essential line that makes up the core of the subject - and urges you to capture a deep natural action on paper in a simple, emotive, fluid, raw way. Sometimes a gestural is so fresh and raw it radiates much more than a preconceived, well drawn piece ever could.

Scroll down to bottom of post to pick your session. There are currently three lessons with three different animals to choose from. All the animals are part of the barnyard here at Apifera Farm.

~ Stevie, a beautiful goat crippled from neglect
~ Rosie the little pig
~ The donkeys including Old Matilda
~ Future lessons coming [horse, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs]

You can pay for one lesson at a time or two or all three.

How long can I take to do the class?
You have 1 month to finish each session once you pay [ I can cut you some slack if the session isn't filled at the time]. If you sat down and did each lesson it could take you anywhere from three hours or longer, depending on how many times you go back and work on new drawings. I think it's valuable to do the lessons, then go back a couple times. Teaching yourself to focus and see is like strengthening any muscle.

One session $25.00
Two sessions $40.00
All three: $65.00

Price is non refundable. Price includes one movie with photos, voice prompts and film footage of each animal. Closed Captioned Option for the deaf.

Gestural drawing will:
~ Loosen you up to do more complete drawings down the road
~ Slows you down and helps you focus on what's in front of you
~ The essential line is the beginning of the essence of the creature
~ The beginning step - LOOKING - for getting to the core of creature
~ You will see new things every time you repeat the exercise
~ You can apply this technique to animals of your own

I see these as an extension of the heart - the eye sees, the hand draws but the heart is also captured in the line - of bother viewer and creature - if you are truly looking intently. Here is a brief introduction to what gesturals are:

How it works:
Pay at the link below. Once I get your payment, I will email you with private video links. You will have one month to complete each lesson. Each lesson includes a video that includes voice over prompts. Photos and video of the actual animal are stopped and started so you will be able to create sequential drawings. This will help you focus and and also really LOOK.


A simple pad of newsprint or plain paper and one soft kneadable eraser and pastel, conte chalk [which I prefer] or soft pencil. You will be working while you stop and start the movies, so I suggest 9x12" size range for paper. You will also be using one piece of paper, drawing a pose, then staying on the same page and doing the next pose so a pad of paper will be more than enough for one lesson.

Continuation of Drawings
Once you've finished a movie, you can choose to go back and complete more finished drawings, or redraw the gesturals. You have 4 weeks to complete the class [I will cut you some slack- but only if the class is not filled]. I find that with any drawing session, I see or learn something new. Some of the lessons also prompt you to draw with the other hand - which really forces you to LOOK.

Each Movie Includes
An overview in photos and voice over about the animal to help you get to know them before you start drawing.

Note: if you already took "Capturing the Essence" online workshop, you will be repeating yourself if you buy Pig, Goat or Donkey here.

Session Choices