Friday, October 23, 2015


This is the Workshop Central site for Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm. You can sign up and pay here for any Workshops currently being offered.

2016 Classes at Apifera

Emerging Crones- a day of doll making and wisdoms
  • An all day weekend doll making workshop-we will explore, embrace, ponder and get comfortable with the lurking goodness of being emerging crones [some of you might already be official crones}, all the while we work with our hands sewing and creating wisdom dolls, sharing story and experience with one another, with the animals of Apifera amongst us. Adult class.
Are you in a transition in your life? Are you entering your fifties, sixties, or older and feeling restless, stagnant, scared, optimistic, pessimistic? Are you seeking internal acknowledgement of who you really are in an older skin? Do you look in the mirror as you age and wonder who that is-or maybe you are unable to accept the signs of aging in your body and are mad, sad or lost confidence? These are just some of things this workshop can open up answers to, or at least begin paths to understand our power as we age, and acceptance of an older body but a very strong will and heart. 
  • Saturday, September 17, 2016
  • 9am-3 with browsing until 5pm if desired.
  • Apifera Farm, Bremen, Maine
  • Early Registration has ended but there is a discount for 2+ people signing up together
  • Adults only; no guests may tag along that includes mates and children
  • Do not bring any pets; no smoking anywhere on premises
  • Read more and sign up >

Painting / Drawing Workshops at Apifera
  • stay tuned

Online Classes
  • The online "Capturing the Essence" workshop is back!
  • You will have 2 months from date of payment to complete your lessons
  • You take the lessons self paced

Past Workshops